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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your maps on my own website?
Yes, providing you credit the original source of the map, which is clearly marked on each map page. We also ask that you link to MapMoose - e.g. Map Contains Ordnance Survey Data, Crown Copyright and Database Right 2019, sourced from
Can I use your maps in print form?
It is best to check the licence agreement that each map is distributed under - a link to this agreement is given on each map page. However, our understanding is that you are free to publish maps, providing you credit the original source of the maps.
Can I view your maps on my mobile phone or tablet?
YES! and once downloaded, you can view our maps without a data connection, ideal in rural areas and international visitors - see these notes to help you
What if you do not have the map I am looking for?
If the map you are looking for is not available on MapMoose, then please get in touch and we will attempt to find one for you and post it on MapMoose - we cannot make any promises though!
Can you create bespoke maps for me?
Yes, please get in touch if you are looking for a bespoke map - there is usually a small charge for creating bespoke maps though.
Why are some features missing from your maps?
We source the best open data maps that we can find. However, we are aware that some map owners limit the features that are displayed on these maps, so they do not reduce their commercial sales.
Can I use MapMoose to distribute my own maps or plans?
Yes - please get in touch if you are a shopping mall, tourist attraction or any other business that has a map or plan - we are usually happy to host specific maps and plans for free.